Quality Assurance


GTS Company Outline

The company is set up to provide the following services to customers:

  • Design and installation of voice and data networks

  • Installation of voice and data cabling

  • Project management relating to design and installation

  • Support and management of installed systems

  • Supply of cable assemblies and associated connectors and accessories

The Company is totally independent and does not form part of a group.


The GTS administrator maintains a running diary installation programme. This is amended and updated from feedback from the installation engineers. Scheduling procedures are detailed in the Design and Contract Review Procedure.

The Company utilises qualified, experienced and skilled installation engineers who are responsible for all cutting and assembly from information obtained on the installation schedule. The engineers are also responsible for all activities undertaken by trainees. General work instructions, workmanship standards and other production procedures are detailed in the Production Work Instructions and Workmanship Standards.

All assemblies and installations are tested using appropriately calibrated equipment. Additionally, equipment and tools associated with work carried out are regularly maintained. The Manager holds a schedule of maintenance.

Final Inspection and Testing

Every major installation is thoroughly inspected, against all defects listed in the Quality Checklist; see Inspection and Testing Procedure, No 4. This is the final check by the installation engineer, prior to final sign off by the customer.

Should any part fail final inspection, the installation engineer will raise a Reject Form and will rectify the fault.

The installation will be re-inspected after remedial action for all defects in the Quality Checklist.

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