Health and Safety

GTS Health & Safety Policy


GTS places the highest priority and is committed so far is reasonably practicable, to ensure threat we provide a working environment that is safe and free from risks for our staff.

GTS will, as far as is reasonably practical:  

  1. Provide the necessary information, training and supervision to ensure the health and safety of its employees whilst at work.
  2. Supply appropriate safety equipment according to site conditions and current legislation.
  3. Ensure the availability, in conjunction with the Main Contractor where appropriate, of adequate First Aid, welfare and toilet facilities.
  4. Monitor safety, health and accident performance through a Safety Committee Representing all areas and levels of the company's activities.
  5. Make available in all places of work a detailed description of the Organisational Structure showing how this Statement of Policy will be implemented.

Each employee has a responsibility:

  1. To take reasonable care of his/her own health and safety and that of his/her colleagues and all others who may be affected by his/her acts or omissions at the place of work.
  2. Not to interfere or misuse anything provided in the interests of health, safety and welfare.
  3. To maintain his/her place of work in as tidy and safe a condition as is practical.
  4. To actively co-operate with the management in the development and maintenance of safe working conditions.

The Managing Director, as senior executive, carries the overall responsibility for safety throughout the company.

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